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The all-in-one monetization solution!

Discover our all-in-one platform for e-commerce, cash register software, crowdfunding, subscriptions, ticketing, donations, free pricing and financial management. Various payment options and document export included!

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Built on Free and Sovereign Software

Discover our AGPLv3 solution, dependency control, Bitcoin/Lightning support, Nostr integration, Odoo CRM/EPR, Plausible Analytics, ARM/CMS/SEO management.

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Respect your customers' digital integrity

Quick order without account, temporary session, SSO/SAML without password, modular info collection, autonomous installation, selfcare bot and censorship-resistant.

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Universal and accessible

Opt for international cooperation with lightweight, multilingual management, including simplified Bitcoin redemption and KYC-free financial inclusion.



Marketplace for luxury watches created by independent watchmakers, libriste SFFF publisher, Swiss event dedicated to Bitcoin, combining expertise and popularization... Luxogood, PVH Éditions and Le Paradigme Bitcoin are the first to place their trust in be-BOP, its technology and its philosophy. Three activities, three expectations and three different uses, but all based on our new solution.



The revolution in independent watchmaking. Discover the creativity of independent watchmakers in a unique setting.


Le Paradigme Bitcoin

Le Paradigme Bitcoin 2024 will take place from June 27 to 29! Privacy Reunion on June 27, Le Paradigme Bitcoin on June 28 and 29.


La bookinerie by PVH Éditions

Think SFFF differently, in physical or digital form, with a librist and militant spirit.

A project developed by

B2Bitcoin - La coopérative pour l'adoption PVH Labs
agiltoo Coyotech

Financed by

République et Canton de Neuchâtel npr - Nouvelle Politique Régionale
Watchmakers United

In collaboration with Crypto Solutions
Leax Lawyers Hodling Découvre Bitcoin
  PVH Editions