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2024 Goals

be-BOP : hodl


CHF 5,000

With this amount, we can ensure critical maintenance and support on the repo with professional quality.

be-BOP : buidl


CHF 10,000

If we reach this point, be-BOP will continue to enrich with featurettes, bugfixes, and other light improvements as we go along.

be-BOP : spendl


CHF 20,000

From here, we start to talk seriously: your support will allow us, in addition to the previous objectives, to cover our technical costs and start developing major features.

be-BOP : mach 1


CHF 35,000

If we make it here, we can consider a multi-feature project that will benefit everyone: one-click installation, full command tunnel and selfcare via Nostr-bot, cross and meta be-BOP for decentralized marketplaces and self-hosted instances communicating with each other, Federation, universal API+nostr-bot connector, etc.

be-BOP : bull run / lightspeed


CHF 60,000

Get us here and you'll see be-BOP unleash its full potential. Certifications, legal validations, performance optimization, polish, refactoring, and even more features and projects: from here on, we're not just talking about 2024, but the future of community monetization.

Want to contribute to beBOP's development in ways other than financially?

Whether you want to interview us, give visibility to the project, relay information, or even contribute to the development of the public repo, we're open to any goodwill.

And third-party developments may lead to financial rewards once validated.

However, it's preferable to contact us beforehand to ensure that we're not already working on a topic from the roadmap.